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Artist's Notes

Bowls have a universal appeal to humans because the form implies that it can hold something. My wooden bowls are sculptures not intended to hold anything, but to evoke the sense that something could be contained in them while being interesting forms on their own.  Most all of my bowls are asymmetrical. I do not turn them on a lathe. Rather, they are created in layered wood that I assemble and carve.

I draw inspiration from natural forms that I find in the Southwest desert landscape. The way in which layered earth is shaped by the forces of nature fascinates me.  The tools of nature are wind and water with which canyons and rock formations are created.  With woodworking tools, I cut, grind and sand layered wood to create sculptural forms.

All my sculptural bowls are unique. However, bowls in a similar style can be commissioned in a variety of different woods.