Wall Sculptures
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JudithPhiladelphiaZebra Clef
Clef BackwardsRed ClefHorizon
Chatham HeartRitz WaveEspiral

Canyon TrekFlameCanyon Wall

Freestanding Sculptures
Woodbloom OneWoodbloom TwoFlow of Time
Free PlayMariposaQuetzal
TortugaWood WindWindstormFlash on Metal BaseAllegro

Artist's Notes

My “Wave” wall sculptures are inspired by forms that I see in nature that have movement and flow. With wood as my medium, I attempt to capture the essence of a flag flurry, of flowing water, or of molten glass. Using layers of Baltic birch and colorful exotic wood I build forms that appear to be bent.

The sculptures mount simply on the wall. Most of them have no top or bottom and can be displayed in any position. I can create them in any size to suit the environment in which they are placed. The width and length can be adjusted independently. They are finished with clear oil/urethane to show the natural grain and color of the wood. I use no dyes or stains. Any sculpture can be ordered in any available wood. I only use woods from certified sustainable sources.

All of my work is sculpture, be it a bowl, a chair or, as are shown in this section, forms that are non-functional. The technique of gluing layers of wood together and carving it into forms has captivated me and is central to most all the work. I occasionally carve a solid piece of wood but the visual effect of the parallel lines that result from laminating wood hold more interest for me. The work of art that was the most influential to my evolution as a visual artist is a sculpture by H.C. Westermann, The Big Change, a simple knot carved in laminated plywood.

All of the wall-mounted sculpture designs can now be ordered as free-standing sculptures mounted on a metal base. They can be displayed on a horizontal surface and viewed from any direction. "Flash" is an example.